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About Us

Prakruti is located in Bangalore, India. The company holds expertise in the manufacture and supply of a huge assortment of the best Hydro power products such as Turgo, Pelton, Propeller, Francis Turbine, Gharat (Modern water mill). The company also provide services and solutions for Solar Residential & Commercial Rooftops. 


Prakruti has done pioneering work in the area of Pico and Micro-hydro turbines and installed over 1600 systems across India. We provide solutions for a wide range of head and flow conditions. The company is customer driven and has a technology focus.


Prakruti is part of a team that provides support for installing and maintaining a state of the art sanitation solution to convert waste to biochar. This includes the manufacturing of Wastewater treatment plant, Driers, and Burners.

The company undertakes research and development projects of new technologies. Currently, we are working on solar rooftops, water pumping for irrigation and RO water system.

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